Praktica MTL 5B

0. Note

Before you start, please get through this guide at least once. You are following this guide at you own risk. I am not responsible if you destroy your camera!

1. Overview

2. Dissambly

I started with removing the shutter dial. Move the plate clockwise and counter clockwise. Do not apply force, since it is just glued. Use Isopropyl if you can't get it moved. Do not bend it up.


There is a screw in the hole. Put a small screwdriver in the hole and unscrew it. Next, try to remove the screw, which holds the metal plate.


If it is stuck use a rubber band in between to apply more force. Take care, there is strong spring below and it will come up.


Now continue with the windlever. Remove the plastic plate.


Remove the white plastic.


Remove the remaining to plates and the lever


Next step is to remove the rewindknob. Fix it like shown in the picture, and turn the knob counter clockwise.


Remove the screw you see from above. If it stuck,....rubber band!


Now we start removing the hot show. First remove the plate above the screws.


Next, we unscrew the two encircled screws. Do not unscrew the other one. i did it,...and had a nice little puzzle.


Remove the last four screws....


...and lift up the cover. Here you go...


3. Assembly

There are some things to mention for the reassembly. You probably pushed the stick of the rewind knob down into the camera. Now you can't mount the wind knob. To lift the stick, get a proper tool....


...and place it under the encircled metal thing and pull it up. Another option is to open the bottom plate and push it up.


Next picture show how to place the plate on the shutter dail. The spring is not shown in this picture...


...but in this one.


Mind the notch on the plate...


... there is a hole in the ISO-Plate which fits there.